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No red Color, vga cable and monitors WORKING

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No red Color, vga cable and monitors WORKING

Hello guys here's my problem:

So I was unplugging the vga cable from my lcd monitor and putting it into my TV 16:9 but when I plugged it in there was no signal but the PC was still on so I physically restarted it with its reboot button.

After restart even before the video card loads up the bios startup screen was already blueish with no red color.

I tried EVEYTHING:unplugging Gpu cleaning it, checking if the vga cable was damaged, reinstalled drivers completely erasing them and rebooting, plugging to different monitors but still no solution.

I've a 8600 gt if that matters but I think is not the gpu since the bios is also red deprived... Please help my eyes hurt from this blueness haha.
Also a user e in another topic said:

"Read somewhere it had to do with accumulated charge which needed to be grounded or something and it shorts out the VGA port - but am not sure it was the case here..."

I recall seeing some little sparks everytime i plugged the vga but since that always happened and never had a problem thought it was normal, could it be the problem? If so how to solve it?

EDIT:I read also it could be corrupted bios so I flashed an updated version of my bios is like less noticeable but still there so I wonder do the rebooting process accelerated the static discharge leading to a less noticeable lack or red? Cause if the whole bios was wiped and rewritten it can't be a bios corrupted problem...

atm I unplugged everything waiting for static charge to go away from vga gpu port, although gpu doesn't load in bios startup screen so... Don't know actually what to do
Here's the first thing that pops up on my PC, so I assume that my Asus PK5 pro has no built in gpu and instead loads mine automatically on startup . as you can see even the withe letters are not pure withe but bluish as is the motherboard logo too.

The other image is what I see as red, I painted a big red square on paint but it shows as black
imgur: the simple image sharer
imgur: the simple image sharer

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