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Create Urban Style Artwork/Wallpaper using Gimp


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Create Urban Style Artwork/Wallpaper using Gimp
Published by Dark Star
Wink Create Urban Style Artwork/Wallpaper using Gimp

Tutorial : Create Urban Style Artwork/Wallpaper using Gimp

Twentieth Century has brought some tremendous change in the lifestyle of people.. After Technology , the field that has witnessed complete makeover is Fashion.. Whether its dressing up yourself ,home, or your desktop.. the design has gained a total new facelift.. From Auqa , to Aurora to Waves to Aero Style and now to Grungy and Urban Style.. Yes Urban style is the talk of the town these days.. You can notice these style in advertisements, cartoons, dresses, wallpapers and everywhere.. All these style are result of Digital Art..

You can easily create Urban/Grungy style artwork/wallpaper .. Though it looked tough at first sight but its the most easiest artwork to learn and create. Thanks to Vector Brushes..

There are several ways to create Urban Style artwork .. You can make it from Scratch like in this Tutorial that I posted.. Tutorial : Create Simple/Funky Wallpaper with Gimp. - Guides and Tutorials - TechEnclave Or you can ease you work by using versatile Vector brushes..

Photoshop user are well aware of Urban/grungy style artwork.. But like my previous Tutorial I will use my favourite GFX program I.e. THE GIMP to create Urban Style Artwork..

Before we get started you will need the following things pre-installed to perform this Tutorial :-
  1. THE GIMP : GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program
  2. Vector Brushes : Vecotrs.rar
  3. Splatter Brushes : Splatter Brushes by =ka05 on deviantART
To Install the brushes first Install GIMP , Linux users no need to install as all GNU/Linux comes with pre-installed GIMP.. I would recommend the latest stable version 2.4.6 ..After you installed navigate to Gimp directory ..
  • Linux User : /home/<user-name>/.gimp/brushes/
  • Windows User : X:/Program Files/Gimp/Brushes
Paste the .abr files there and start GIMP.. Note : You can install Photoshop brushes in Gimp ..

So lets get started : -

1. Open Gimp and Create a new project .. with resolution of 2560 X 1600 or 1600 X1200 depending upon what resolution you have.. If you have a 4:3 Monitor then create 1600 X 1200 else 2560X1600 .. You can re size the wallpaper after you create it ..

2. Set the Foreground Color to #1b3a7a and Background Color to #4c9fcf.

3. Select the Gradient Tool from Tool Menu Or press L .. Under Settings option Set the Gradient to FG to BG.

4. Apply The Gradient in the Background Layer from Top to Bottom ...Press CTRL while applying the Gradient to make it straight.

5. Now create a new Transparent Layer and Name it to “New Layer” or “Character”

6. Select The Paint Brush from the Tool bar or Press 'P' . Under Brushes settings, change the Brush type to Jumping_People_Brush and scale it to
1.40. You can even select a different character according to your taste.

7. Apply the Brush at the Bottom Centre of the “Character Layer”. Make sure the FG Color is set to black.

8. Create a New Transparent Layer and rename it Grass.

Select the Paintbrush and change the brush to Vector pack_VOL2_brushes_ set the scale to 1.96.

10. Set the FG color to White and apply the grass at the bottom of the Grass Layer.. The Right End of the Vector Grass brush is straight so to avoid wall like structure adjust the height of grass such that the right straight part get covered..

11. Select the Brushes to Butterflies and create some Butterflies using Vector Flies brushes.

Create a new transparent layer and rename it to Sun Ray. Set the FG Color to White.Pick the Paintbrush and set the brush to Vector_by_PhysicalMagiz.abr , scale it to 2.71..

13. Apply this bush at the centre and set the layer mode to Overlay..

14. Now we will add some cool clouds/splashy texture in the picture.. To do this create a new transparent layer and name it Clouds..

15. Select the Paintbrush and set the Brush to 387_Abstract_Vector_Brush . Set the scale to 1.12.

16. Apply the Brush as shown ..

Now its the main part .. From now on we will add cool vector style to make our wallpaper funky .. Please note that most of the Vector Brushes have same name so you have to see the Screenshot to identify the exact brush.

18. Create a new layer and name it Vectors.

19. Select the Paintbrush and set the brush to 387_Abstract_Brush , scale it to 1.72.

20. Apply it on the left side of the Vector layer as shown.

21. Again pick up the paintbrush and change the brush to Vector_pack_Vol2 , scale it to 1.10.

22. Apply it on the right side of the Vector layer as shown..

23. Now we will decorate the Circle on the Left ... To do this change the brush to 387_Abstract_brush and scale it to 0.73.

24. Apply the Brush on the lower part of the bigger circle as shown.

25. Change the brush to Vector2.abr-011 and scale it to 2.34 .

26. Apply the Brush on the Upper part of the Bigger Circle as shown.

27. Lower down the Scale of the Same brush to 1.10 and apply it to Right side near the Small Circle..

28. Change the Brush to VectorPack_vol2_brush and VectorPack_VOL2_brush scale it to 0.18 and 0.39 respectively.

29. Apply the brushes as shown in the Screenshot..

30 . Again change the brush to Vector_Brush_set01 and scale it to 0.39 ..

31. Apply The Brush to Left Circle as shown..

32. Now pick the regular brush .. Select the Circle (15) Brush .. Set the Maximum Scale to 2.79

33. Varying the scale apply the brush randomly at different part as shown..This will provide the dirty look to our wallpaper.

Now we will add another big Circle .. No need to create a new layer.. Using the same layer , change the brush to 387_Abstract_Brush , set the scale to 2.09.

35. Apply the Brush just above the big circle on the left side.

36. We will repeat the decoration part . But this time we will change the brushes used to provide unique looks.

37. Change the brushes to 387_Abstract , 387_Abstract_Brushes, Vector2.abr-011. Set the scale to 0.62, 0.58, 1.17 simultaneously.. Use the listed brushes one by one..

38. Apply the brushes and decorate the new circle as shown..

39. Now we will use the regular Circle (15) brush to decorate.. Set the Maximum Scale to 2.79.

Varying the scale apply the brush randomly at different part as shown..

41. Pick the Ribbon shaped Vector brush named Vectorpack_Vol2_Brushes, set the scale to 1.47.

42. Apply the brushes at the corner of the Vector Layer..

43. Change the brush to the following ..

44. Apply the brush the Top Centre of the Layer Vector..

45. We are almost done.. Now select the Layer 'Clouds' .. Pick the 387_Abstract_Brush and set the scale to 1.0/. Apply the brush to upper corners as shown..

..... Its done. You have created Funky looking Urban Style Wallpaper. You can use different Vector Brushes to add more spice to your wallpaper. Just make sure you vary the scale and the brush type to provide a unique looks..

Its so easy.. You can also create similar wallpaper w/o using Vector brushes as described in this tutorial Tutorial : Create Simple/Funky Wallpaper with Gimp. - Guides and Tutorials - TechEnclave .. .. I have created multiple wallpapers using similar technique..

The former is pretty similar to the one described in the tutorial while the latter is a whole new style created from Scratch The latter is in 4:3 resolution for CRT and low end LCD users..

Download HD PNG Wallpaper Pack : Blue Urban Art Wallpaper Pack 16: 9 WS | Dancing Urban Girl Pack 16:9 WS | Contaminate Bravo Wallpaper Pack 4:3 Normal

Download the .XCF of all the above listed Urban Wallpapers : Urban Artwork

That's it for now !
Keep the comments and suggestions coming.
Regards Darky

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