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Chrome Crash Repair Instructions


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Chrome Crash Repair Instructions
Published by MarkLee
Chrome Crash Repair Instructions

"Whoa! Google Chrome has crashed!"

Doesn't this error look familiar to you?

Well, it's very common. Google Chrome crashes unexpectedly while we're playing games online, surfing the Internet, listening to e-radio or watching YouTube videos. Sometimes, you may receive "Shockwave Flash has crashed" alternatively
Why does your Chrome crashes?

There isn't a fix reason behind it. Google Chrome may crash due to several possibilities, say for example, Shockwave Flash plug-in crashes, one of your plug-ins is not responding, corrupt temporary files, corrupt cache contents, conflicts with other software, sandbox feature and so on. The list goes on.

How to Fix Chrome Crashes?

Remember that DLLs/ ActiveX file registration entries are corrupted. Use the ZombieSoftFix. Check for the registration entries of those files and resolve any issues that are found. I bet after restarting the PC it'll work normal.

As I said before, there are many possibilities and thus many solutions. It is a long list. You have to check every possibility- for example- disable plug-ins and test browser for some time. If the crashes still occur, move forward and check another possibility.
Alternatively, as many experts recommend the best choice would be to use a Chrome Crash-Fix. It's basically a program designed to identify and repair problems with browser files and settings. The whole process is done automatically. Thus it saves your lot of time.
Fix Conflicting Modules

Modules are the components of the software programs. Conflicts between Google Chrome and third party program modules cause it to crash.
Fortunately, Chrome shows conflicting modules or at least modules having greater chances of conflicts. Accordingly, uninstall programs associated with concerning modules.

1. Type "chrome://conflicts" in the Address Bar.
2. Press ENTER.
3. A list of all modules appears. It'll show you conflicting modules.

After you note down relevant program, uninstall it as below:
1. Click Start button.
2. Click Control Panel | Programs | Uninstall a Program.
3. Select relevant program and click Uninstall button.
4. Follow the wizard and reboot.

User profile data files contain nothing but user preferences and settings. If these files are corrupt Chrome experiences problem retrieving its settings. Fix Chrome crashes by deleting these files. There is nothing to worry about since these files are re-created automatically.

1. Click the Start button.
2. Select Run.
3. Type this directory: C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default
4. Click OK.
5. Select all and delete files from the "Default" folder. Click Edit. Select All and then press Delete key of your keyboard.

Note: Replace XXX with the actual user name.

Do you know plug-ins? They are usually installed by third parties within your browser. For example: Adobe Flash, Shockwave Flash, VLC and so on. Unsupported or malfunctioning plug-ins cause your web browser to crash unexpectedly. Disable all plug-ins.

1. Type "aboutlugins" in the Address Bar.
2. Press ENTER.
3. A list appears on your screen. Simply disable all plug-ins or at least those you recently installed.

Sandbox deals with browser security. Sometime Sandbox conflicts with the browser and Chrome crashes are experienced. Turn off sandbox as shown below:

1. Right click the desktop icon of Google Chrome.
2. Choose Properties from the context menu.
3. Click Shortcut | Target.
4. Add this line: " --no-sandbox" (without quotes)
5. Click OK and re-load the browser.

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