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How to connect your Android Phone to your Computer

You come home with a newly bought Android phone, thinking that it will now serve as your music player, phone, and gaming gadget all in one—just to realize that many functions require connection to a computer. This is the basic step-by-step guide for users who need help with that. This guide assumes that you are using Microsoft Windows in your computer.

Step 1:   Prepare your Android phone for connection

This is necessary for the PC to read the phone in a USB format. In your Android Phone, navigate to the following section:

Settings -> Application Settings -> Development -> USB Debugging

Check / tick the the USB Debugging option.


Now navigate to the following screen and check the Unknown Sources check box.

Settings -> Application Settings -> Unknown Sources



 Step 2:  Connect devices with the USB cord

Your Android phone should come with a USB connection cord; plug one end into the Android charge slot, and the other into the PC’s USB slot.


Step 3:  USB Connected

An icon will come up on the Android top bar, asking you what to do with the connection.

Choose Connect to PC or Turn on USB Storage and then Mount if available.


Step 4:  Access phone from computer

Go to My Computer on your PC. You should now see an external hard drive. That is the storage system within your phone—you are now free to copy files between your Android phone and PC.


The music should be in a folder entitled Media, while the pictures taken with the phone camera can be found in a folder entitled DCIM. However, because all Android models vary, this may not be true for all models and are only guaranteed true for 70% of them.


Step 6:   Safely Disconnecting the Android phone from Computer

To make sure the files don’t get corrupted, always tap Disconnect phone from PC before unplugging the cord. Not doing so may result in loss or corruption of the phone’s user and system files.


Follow the above steps whenever you require data transfer connection between the two devices. You are now free to import and export your videos, images, and music in between them.


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    How to connect your Android Phone to your Computer this article step by step very useful thanks

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