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Setting up your new Android Phone Part 1: Linking to Google Account and Locking

You just got your new Android phone, and now wish to download apps from the Android Market. However, it asks you to sign in a Google account. This simple step by step guide will show you how to set up your phone for it to be able to achieve all the Google-related designated functions.

Step 1: Set up a Google account

The Android operating system runs on the Google platform, and requires users to register their phone with a Google account. In order to use access the Android Market and download applications with your new Android, you must first set up a Google account. If you do not have one yet, create one at https://accounts.google.com/SignUp

Note: If you already have a Gmail account, that would be your Google account and there is no need to register. Skip this step if this is the case.



Step 2: Log into your phone with your Google account to achieve association

Note: Make sure you have an internet connection while doing this! (Wi-Fi or 3G)

Settings -> Accounts and Sync -> Google Account -> Sign In


Enter your Gmail address and password. The phone should load for a few seconds and inform you of a successful association. Congratulations! Your account will be connected to the phone permanently, unless you wish to modify it in the future.

Step 3: Create password

All phones, and especially smartphones, are theft targets and get stolen easily. Smartphones that are not password-locked is something all thieves look for. To protect yourself from being a target and victim, set up an easy to remember password/pattern:

Settings -> Location and Security -> Set up screen lock -> Pattern or PIN or Password



There are three ways of locking your phone: Pattern, PIN, or Password. Choose the one you desire and enter your desired password/pattern. The lock should be ready and in effect the very next time you turn it on.


What do I do when I forget my phone’s lock pattern or password?

Do not fear! Most Android phones are configured to give users a way out when they forget the security pattern or password. Simply answer incorrectly for a few times—an icon should pop up at the bottom saying “Forgot password?” Press on that button.

Now, this is when your Google account comes in handy—instead of giving the password or pattern, you can log in with your Google account that is stored on your phone. This does not require an internet connection; that information is in your phone.


You will then be asked to enter a new password or pattern; your crisis has been averted.

A Google account is extremely important for your Android phone—it allows you to download apps from the Market, read emails sent to your Gmail account, and provides access to many Google-restricted services. It is also important when you need to recover a forgotten password. Remember, the moment you get your Android, link it to your account and lock it with a password or pattern for maximum security and protection.

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