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"the jammers revenge on mobile prattlers" in the Times

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Unread 11-12-2007, 12:07 PM   #191
Chris Tolley
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Re: "the jammers revenge on mobile prattlers" in the Times

Alasdair wrote:

> The jammers are illegal but whether for good reason is another matter.

Under article 12 of the human rights charter, there appears to be a
right not to have one's correspondence interefered with. Whether that
right extends to email I dunno, likewise whether it extends to one's
telephonic communications.

However, ISTM that the minor annoyance some people experience due to
their inability to tolerate possibly only one other person using a
mobile phone isn't sufficient justification for indiscriminately and
anonymously terminating other people's connections with the outside

The appropriate response if someone is really being annoying when they
are using a mobile phone is to ask them politely to be more considerate.
(66 011 at Harrogate, 29 May 1999)

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