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Dust Inside Screen: Is Any Handset Resistant?

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Unread 11-12-2007, 12:05 PM   #11
Matthew Long
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Re: Dust Inside Screen: Is Any Handset Resistant?

> I thought that too, which is why I didn't do it with the new handset. Very
> annoying. Even more dust has appeared behind the screen today and it
> hasn't even left my desk. I wonder if static is somehow building up
> behind the glass and pulling particles inside. It must be very badly
> sealed if that's the case.

I have an N73 that's nearly a year old. It has a very few fine specs, and I
mean a tiny few. The problem with the N73 with dust (in my opinion) is the
joystick. It leaves a big whole for dust to get in, as apposed to a 5 way
navi pad. I'm a mechanic in a dusty dirty workshop, and my phone is in my
pocket all day. Sounds silly, but whenever my phone is in my pocket, I have
a large supply of see through re-sealing bags I buy of Ebay (1.50 for 50).
Everyday, I place my phone in a new bag that fits my phone perfectly, and
it's in there for the rest of the day until I get home. Sounds really silly,
but I can do almost all the functions in the bag, even make phone calls and
it's sealed airtight all day. I know what you mean about dust in the
sunlight. I had a Nokia 7650 (again with a joystick) a number of years ago,
and dust got in there. It use to really wind me up in the day. When you get
home, and it's darker surroundings, you can hardly notice it! Since then,
because of my job, all my phones go in a bag all day!

> The phone is going back anyway. I was thinking about getting an N95 but
> **** that now. I'll never buy Nokia again.

My wife has just upgraded to the N95 8GB, and it's a fantastic phone - And
has a navi pad instead of a joystick. No dust under the screen yet. And
can't fault the phone in anyway. Can even lock onto a GPS satellite in under
10 seconds, indoors! Which my Tom Tom can never do!

I will most definitely be upgrading to either the N95 or N82 in March....

Matthew Long

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