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motorola f3 unresponsive

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Unread 11-12-2007, 12:08 PM   #21
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Re: motorola f3 unresponsive

In message,
sally H <sally@here.OK> Proclaimed from the tallest tower:

> <nospam@> wrote in message
> news:fjjsn6$b7g$
>> In article <>,
>> sally H <sally@here.OK> wrote:
>>> I can't get my 5 month old Motofone F3 to work. I suppose it may
>>> be the battery, but how do I know whether the battery is faulty or
>>> whether the phone itself is faulty?

>> It would help if you gave some details of what, exactly, the phone
>> does or does not do under what circumstances.
>> Does it turn on? What does the battery meter show? Have you charged
>> it? Does the charging indicator show that it is charging? What
>> exactly do you mean by "unresponsive"?
>> Consider this:
>> My Honda Accord is unresponsive. I can't get it to work. I suppose it
>> might be gasoline, but how do I know whether it needs gas or whether
>> the car needs repair?

> Nothing happens at all. I've tried charging it, but still nothing.

Has it got wet (or even just damp)? Anything un-toward happened to it
recently? Been dropped, hit or anything?
What happened between it last working and not working? Was working fine, and
then one day just wouldn't switch on, or did it start going funny gradually?
Do you know anyone else that has one? If you do, maybe you could try the
battery out of theirs?

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