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Program Writing Help - Perl


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Question Program Writing Help - Perl

Hi All,

I have a query. I am currently writing a program on Perl to generate usernames that can be used for my college.

for example:
Computer Class, Thompson, Tim
This should become: com.timt

I have this part sorted out but i want to find out how to take away double barrel names. For Example
Computer, Edwards-Graham, Ella-Mai
This should be

Here is the code. (I have a load of it done so be patient)
use Getopt::Std; 
use strict; 
#DATE: 10/2013 
#AUTHOR: Jason
my (%params,$params,$fileName,@data,$line,$class,$fname,$lname,$user,$first,$last,$string); 
getopts("hsnm:i: o:",\%params); 
if ($params{i} ne "") { 


if ($params{h}) { 
print "This is a help message about the usage of syntax\n"; 
if ($params{o}) { 
print "STDOUT"; 
if ($params{s}) { 
print "This is standard output\n"; 
if ($params{m}) { 
print " mkuser -m 'adduser' -c _NAME_" ; 
if ($params{n}) { 
print "No print\n"; 
if ($params{t}) { 
print "Run Test mode\n"; 
else { 

open FILE, "< $fileName"; 
close FILE; 
foreach $line (@data) { 
 chomp $line; 
 ($class,$lname,$fname) = split ',', $line; 
  #print "$class.$fname$lname\n"; 
  if ($lname =~ m/\s/) { 
   # if there's still a space, this is double barrel, 
   # get the bits either side of the ' ' 
   ($fname,$lname) = split /\s/, $fname; 
  ($lname) = ($lname) =~ /(^.{1})/; 
  ($lname, $fname) = split /\s\'/, $lname;   
  else { 
   ($first)= $lname =~ /(^.{1})/; 
    $user=lc $user; 

    #print "to console\n"; 
open OUTPUT, '>', "sampletxt.txt" or die "Can't create filehandle: $!"; 
select OUTPUT; $| = 1; #make unbuffered 
print "to file\n"; 
# close current output file 
# reset stdout to be default file handle 
select STDOUT; 
 #print "user\n"; 
  use Term::ANSIColor qw(:constants); 
  print RED, "$user\n", RESET; 
  #print GREEN, "$user\n", RESET 



print "$user\n"
Please help.
Thank you in advanced

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