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My Saphhire 5850: A review


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My Saphhire 5850: A review
Published by draglord
My Saphhire 5850: A review


This is a review of my own Sapphire 5850, which i know that is being presented a little late, but since i got my new monitor, i was made available of new resolutions (to me, at least) like 1920x1080, so i wanted to test the potential of my card at these resolutions.
I'll tell you why
My processor is old, old enough that it used to bottleneck my old 4850, let alone 5850, so in many cases there is no huge improvement, in some, none at all
but as this is my personal review, i am posting results as i got them, nothing biased.

With many professional benchmarks out there over many sites dedicated to the purpose of reviewing hardware only, i ask you to consult them if you are going to purchase this card, cause they will tell you how good this performs when coupled with a good processor.

Enough talk, lets get started


Process 40nm
Transistors 2.15 Billion
Engine Clock 725MHz
Stream Processors 1440
Compute performance 2.09TFlops
Texture Units 72
Texture Fillrate 53.2 Gtexel/s
ROP 32
Pixel Fillrate 23.2 Gpixel/s
Z/Stencil 92.8Gsamples/s
Memory Type GDDR5
Memory Clock 1000Mhz
Memory Data Rate 4.0 GB/s
Memory bandwidth 128.0 GB/s
Maximum Board Power 170watts
Idle Board Power 27watts


AMD Athlon64x2 6000+ @ 3.01 GHz
Gigabyte MA61-PME-S2
2GB DDR2 667MHz
Corsair VX450
Sapphire 5850 @ stock clocks [725/1000]
Sapphire 5850 Overclocked [925/1150]

ATI Catalyst 10.12


Heaven Benchmark 2.1


3d Mark vantage

3d Mark 11

Far Cry 2




This part usually comes in the end, but i will be comparing the results at stock as well as overclocked card, so i am introducing it here

This Sapphire has been flashed to an ASUS BIOS, to enable voltage tweaking, for which i used ASUS SmartDoctor, and then i overclocked it the normal way

Here is a pic showing card at 925/1150, under 100% load with temperature at 73 and Fan at auto

3D Mark Vantage: Results

5850 : 725/1000 [stock]

5850: 925/1150

5850 : 725/1000 [stock]

5850 : 925/1150

FURMARK :Results

5850: 725/1000 [stock]

Score -- 6398

5850: 925/1150

Score -- 7955

Heaven Benchmark Results

Default settings

5850: 725/1000 [stock]

Score - 679

5850: 925/1150

Score - 819

Far Cry 2

Settings: 1920x1080,ultra high,8x AA

5850: 725/1000 [stock]

5850: 925/1150

The reason in my belief for no improvement is because of the bottleneck by my processor


Settings: 1920x1080,High,0xAA

Look at the last line of the image for results

5850: 725/1000 [stock]

5850: 925/1150

Again, my assumption is that processor is a (huge) bottleneck

GTA 4:

Res =1920x1080
View Distance = 48
Detail Distance = 100

Other settings = High

5850: 725/100 [stock]

5850: 925/1150

This game, as we all know, is very CPU dependent, but it was showing some very good OC results

So, these are the applications i have reviewed, and i have arrived at these conclusions
This card overclocks like mad, as most of us know by now
i tried 1000/1250, but artifacting was uncontrollable
so i had to revert back to these clocks.

Till now, i am happy with my card, provided i have not seen its true colours till now,which wont happen till the time i dont buy a new processor

There are many games without in built benchmarks, but i use fraps to bench them.

Well, this was all, hope you find it useful.

These benchmarks have been performed on my new monitor, and i can tell you after using 15 inch CRT for 11 yrs, i am blown away at the difference
A pic of my desktop

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hallhall10 (11-05-2013)
By Strider on 23-04-2011, 11:58 AM
Re: My Saphhire 5850: A review

Thanks for the review mate. Yeah, as you've concluded, the CPU and RAM appears to be the bottleneck in many of the benchmarks. An AMD Phenom CPU + 2 more GBs of RAM should pump the scores a bit more.

73 at 100% load is not bad; for how long the load was there? And did you try hooking up you HDTV with it (assuming the card got an HDMI port).
Last edited by Strider; 24-04-2011 at 02:22 PM..
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By draglord on 23-04-2011, 03:15 PM
Re: My Saphhire 5850: A review

my monitor does not have hdmi port, just vga and dvi

and yes, card was at load for 4 min here in the furmark pic i have shown
but i did it for 10-15 min, it was never above 75
it wasnt the highest clock you see, i was able to reach 1000/1200 but i had to keep the fan at 90% to keep it cool
Last edited by draglord; 23-04-2011 at 03:25 PM..
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