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CD burning solutions

Software Releases

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CD burning solutions

Easy Media Creator

Easy Media Creator not only offers a CD copying option, but also allows you to copy non-protected DVDs. If you are looking for an application that is easy to use and produces an excellent CD copy, then this is the product for you.

Feature set:
This program comes with several versatile features including the ability to copy DVDs, CDs, photos and data. Easy Media Creator also allows you to edit videos–an asset for any home video collection. And the drag and drop function allows you to select specific songs to copy so that you can customize your copies or create an entirely new CD.

Ease of use:
Easy Media Creator's user-friendly design and clear instructions make copying CDs a breeze. The opening screen introduces you to each option and subsequently breaks each one down into sub-categories (such as CD, DVD, data and photo). The drag and drop function intuitively allows you to select which individual tracks you want copied. After that, burning your CD is a one-button process. This program would be an excellent choice for the novice user.
screen shots

Ease of installation & setup:
Easy Media Creator earned our top score for ease of installation. Even though the installation took a little time to complete, we recieved no errors and the setup was nearly effortless.

Quality of copy:
Easy Media Creator received our top score for copy quality. The quality of the copied CD was excellent–no audio distortion, no skipping of the songs–no differences between the original CD and the copy except for the label.

Help/Customer Service:
The help documentation was both useful and user-friendly. Each subject is subdivided into individual topics with screenshots, step-by-step instructions and an individual index, allowing you to easily locate information.

Easy Media Creator is our top choice for CD copying software. The program is easy to use and understand, produces an impeccable CD copy and has excellent help documentation for additional assistance. Novices and experts alike will appreciate the power of Easy Media Creator.

************************************************** *************

Power2Go software offers a variety of features in an intuitive format, and is well-suited to both novice and expert. It not only offers a CD copying option, but also allows you to copy non-protected DVDs. If you are looking for an application that is easy to use and install that produces an excellent CD copy, then this is the product for you.

Feature set:
This popular copy product has several useful features, including the convenient drag-and-drop music selection tool. Also, you can copy CDs to both CD and DVD and erase CD-RWs after you are finished.
Although Power2Go has many desired features, it lacks a few convenient features offered by our top-ranked CD copy product, including a label maker and WAV editor.

Ease of use:
Power2Go features clear-cut organization and instructions. The opening screen is equipped with large, well-labeled icons that provide easy access into each part of the application. The drag and drop function allows you to select only the songs you wish to copy and skip copying the rest.

Screen shots

Ease of installation & setup:
Power2Go has an uncomplicated installation and setup process. Self-explanatory and error-free, this product is an excellent choice for beginners.

Quality of copy:
The copy process was smooth with no errors, and Power2Go produced a flawless copy with no music distortion, no skipped music, no noticeable differences when compared to the original CD.

Help/Customer Service:
The help document was both useful and organized. Each major function of Power2Go is broken down into well-explained sections. The customer service of Cyberlink was an excellent resource for questions regarding the software. They were friendly, helpful and informative, responding completely to each question we posed.

Overall, Power2Go by Cyberlink is an excellent choice as a CD-copying product. With its easy to use interface, high-quality copying capability and its excellent help resources, this product is an excellent choice.

************************************************** **************

DVD Movie Factory

Ulead's latest CD-copying software-DVD Movie Factory-produces an excellent copy of an original CD. For someone with a little CD copy experience, the product is easy to install and run.

Feature set:
Ulead DVD Movie Factory offers the most common features to create an error-free CD copy and a few perks. A few of these extras include the ability to create CD and DVD copies and CD/DVD erasing capability. Ulead DVD allows you to create data discs and slideshows and also offers an integrated DVD player as a bonus for purchasing the software.

Ease of use:
Although choosing a function is an easy task, the program does not offer much additional assistance during set up and isn't intuitive. After you select and rip your chosen files to the hard drive, however, the copy process is straightforward and simple to execute-you press the write button to make your copy. We received no errors in the process.

Ease of installation & setup:
We didn't encounter any errors during the installation and setup process-an easy to perform task. However, the downloading requirements took about one hour on our DSL line. The delay was frustrating.
Although these features are an excellent addition to a quality software program, Ulead DVD Movie Factory lacks a few features we look for in CD-copying software. For example, disc customization is absent in this program. This means that there is no method to remove silence between tracks, fade the songs in and out and over-burn discs. These features are good to have at your fingertips if you want to create professional-sounding CD copies.

Quality of copy:
Ulead DVD Movie Factory received our top score in the copy quality. There was no perceivable distortion in the audio quality and no skipping of tracks in the CD copy.

Help/Customer Service:
The help documentation was useful and explained the program features in simple terms.

Overall, Ulead DVD Movie Factory produces a high-quality CD copy. This software package offers a variety of convenient features but would rank higher with additional customization options and faster download times.

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