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Expression Web Publishing Conflict Problem

Software Troubleshooting

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Expression Web Publishing Conflict Problem

There is an archived thread in this forum on what to do when EW gets out of synch with itself and the publishing destination. As the threads note, the published website works correctly. But the result is that files are repeatedly flagged as changed but are not when publishing. The number of out of sync files can be huge and this will bog down the publishing function badly. Here is thread on this forum:

However, it does fully resolve the issue, at least for EW v4.

There is also a thread on this at this forum:

Expression Web Publishing Conflict Resolved - RF Cafe

It is a good start but it also does not fully resolve the sync issue with the contents of the hidden _vti_cnf folders that are used for syncing. One of my sites got badly unsynced where if I published the changed files, a hundred other files that were not changed would also be flagged to be published. I am not sure how this came to be! The FP Cleaner utility, BTW, did nothing. It is useless to re-install EW as the problem is with the data. Deleting any caches does nothing. Using info from the various threads, I determined that it was insufficient to just delete the contents of the _vti_cnf folders. The "changed" files that EW thinks are changed need to be re-published to the destination, deleted on the destination, and then re-published again. Here is how I fixed the problem. It was frustrating to find how useless Microsoft's tech forums are, among other things, in getting information to fix this problem.

Preliminaries - a.) Backup the website! b.) Create a local destination for publishing as it will save a lot time because the problem is with the source not with the destination server. Once EW gets synced with itself properly, it is much faster when publishing to your Internet destination server. c.) Remember to use F5 to update/reload the pages before and after each step.

1. Using Windows Explorer, delete ALL of the contents of every _vti_cnf folder on the site. You can do this with EW open.
2. In EW, recalculate the hyperlinks/metadata. This will rebuild the contents of the _vti_cnf folders.
3. In publishing, publish the changed files manually by going to "Site View", select view "changed files", select all of the files (ctrl-A), and use the sync arrow to publish them to the destination site.
4. On the destination server, select all changed files and delete them.
5. Change the "Site View" to "unmatched" files on the source and publish all of the unmatched files to the destination server manually as in step #3 above.
6. Change the "Site View" back to "changed" files and press F5 to see if EW is now in sync. You may have missed some contents of a _vti_cnf folder and, if so, you will see folders where this happened. Repeat the steps above.
7. When everything comes up clean, test things by clicking on "Publish changed files to [your destination server]". Now change a file somewhere on the site and test things again. You may have to repeat the steps, as needed to be sure everything is properly re-synced.

Note: The _vti_pvt folder contains important information about the entire website and is only present in the root of the website. If it gets corrupted, the site will not publish correctly (it acts like there are changes when there are not any). The contents should be REGULARLY backed up because if things get out of whack, you can restore it from a particular time when things were OK. I have not done it, but the site may have to be recreated (but not the data) in order to get things in order and then all files will have to be re-published. Deleting the contents of the folder will tell EW that the site no longer exists. Users could play around with a test site to see exactly how the contents of this folder affect EW. There is an interesting thread here on the contents and what happens: The thread confirms that EW (FP) will recreate the contents when the site is recreated.

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