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Latest Tech News 16/12/2010

Tech News

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Latest Tech News 16/12/2010
Published by echo off
Latest Tech News 16/12/2010

Twitter raises $200m in new finance

Twitter is increasing efforts to boost its profits
Twitter has raised $200m (129m) in new finance, in a deal that values the social networking service at $3.7bn.
It said the investment had come from venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers, and existing investors.
Twitter is also adding two new board members, including David Rosenblatt, boss of digital advertising group DoubleClick.
The moves come two months after the US firm said it was increasing efforts to make itself more profitable.
The announcement in October saw the company's co-founder Evan Williams stand down as chief executive to focus on product strategy.
Mr Williams was replaced as chief executive by **** Costolo.
Also now joining Twitter's board is Mike McCue, chief executive of digital social magazine application FlipBoard.
Twitter allows users to send 140-character text messages, or Tweets.
It has 175 million registered users and 300 employees.

Source BBC News

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By echo off on 16-12-2010, 06:29 AM
Re: Latest Tech News 16/12/2010

Gawker hack triggers password resets at major sites
The most common passwords chosen by Gawker users

Millions of web users are being asked to reset their passwords as concerns spread over a major hacking attack.

Yahoo, Twitter and LinkedIn have asked users to change their details, days after gossip site Gawker was hacked.

Online game World of Warcraft, which has more than 12 million subscribers, has also asked some users to reset their passwords.

Blizzard, the company behind the game, said it was an attempt to "minimise the effects" of the Gawker breach.

Although thousands of Twitter accounts were compromised after the attack, there have been few other reports of damage directly linked to the breach.

Many companies, however, have taken steps to identify users at risk and warn them before an exploit can take place. A spokesman for LinkedIn said it necessary to take "proactive security measures" to screen users thought to be in danger.
Defence mode

The attack on Gawker, which runs one of the world's most popular blog networks, was carried out over the weekend by an organisation calling itself Gnosis.

The group - which says it was making a protest at the site's perceived "arrogance" - subsequently published account details of 1.3 million Gawker users online, including a significant number of passwords.

Analysis of the breach has triggered a widespread defensive response because it emerged that many users had chosen common words and codes that left them wide open to abuse.
Continue reading the main story
Tips for keeping your password safe

* Never use the same password across lots of different websites
* Do not use a word that you - or a hacker - could find in the dictionary: these are susceptible to so-called 'brute force' attacks
* Try to include some digits and special characters to add a layer of complexity that will make life difficult for a criminal
* Pick a phrase or mnemonic that helps you remember your password
* You can avoid having to remember passwords altogether by using a password manager program. There are many available to download online

Documents show that the most popular password among Gawker users was "123456", followed by "password" and "12345678".

Other common terms, used by hundreds of people, included "monkey", "qwerty" and "consumer".

Although security experts warn against the use of passwords that are easy to guess, research suggests such behaviour is increasingly common online.

According to a study by computer security company Sophos, 33% of people admitted using the same password for every single website they visit.

A further 48% said they used just a handful of different codes, while just one in five said they never used the same password twice.

The firm's Graham Cluley said that the domino effect evident among web companies exposed a number of significant issues.

While it was important to remind users that their passwords should be changed regularly, he said, the warnings sent out to users did not always address the central issue of poor password choices.

"The bad guys already have databases of the most common passwords, and they look a lot like this," he said.

"It's no bad thing to try and help, but websites should give users more information about how to create a secure password."
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