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New Members' FAQ - Welcome to
Print Print This Page     Add to Favorites Add to Favorites is a leading community providing free technical support to computer users of all experience levels. In fact, over 10000 users have joined TechTalkz Forums - now it's your turn! We're glad you've decided to visit us!

This online oasis of technical support is staffed completely by volunteers and grateful members like you. That means it doesn't cost a thing for you to ask a question! So what are you waiting for? Here's how to use our site:

Before you can post your first question, you must first choose a username and password to use while you're at our site. Click here to register now - it's completely Free! If you've already registered, continue to the next step.
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If you haven't already, you should try searching our site to see if someone has already asked the same question. Near the top of every page, there is navigation bar that includes the choice to "Search." Note: if you're asking a security, hijack, or virus question, don't reply to someone else's thread - start your own by following the next steps.
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Can't find your answer using the Search feature? Head over to (or click "Home" from our menu) and choose the category that applies to your question. Some of our popular categories include: Software Releases, Software Troubleshooting, Programing, Opensource & Linux, Gamerz, General Hardware, Drivers, Mobile devices and Softwares, Computer Security (for pop-ups and virii), as well as general Windows categories. Please only post your question once. You can request it be moved to another category later if necessary.
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After you choose your category (above), press the "New Thread" buttonNew Thread just above the list of questions.
TechTalkz Forums New Thread
Replying to a THREAD: To add a reply to any of the existing topics, press the "Post Reply" buttonNew Thread just above the list of posts.
Post Reply
You're now ready to post your question! You'll be asked to enter a title. Please make titles short but descriptive. "Please help me" or "Windows error" doesn't help much. Then, when you enter your full message below, be as specific as possible. Be sure to include your Operating System (Windows 98, Windows XP, etc) as well as the exact text of any error messages you might be seeing.
TechTalkz Forums
Attention ATTENTION:
We make every effort to keep a friendly place to find computer help. As such, we have a few important rules you MUST follow:
  • You may not ask for help in performing any illegal activity, including: Kazaa, BearShare, WinMX, P2P file sharing, CD keys, and hacking.
  • Please post your question only once! You can ask a Moderator to move your question later if necessary.
  • Do not post advertisements of any kind. Instant Ban for Spammers.
  • Be polite and patient to everyone! You may not use foul language of any kind (not even if censored) and you may not post offensive messages or images.
  • Click here to see the full list of rules.
Here are a few tips that you may find useful while using our site:
  • REPORT A POST: At the top-right of every post you'll see a small icon that looks like this: Report Post to Moderators Use this button any time you see a post that violates our rules, or when you need your question moved to a different category.
  • NO ANSWER? If you don't get a response to your question quickly, give it some time! Remember that volunteers are not always available to answer your question. If a day or so goes by without a response, DO NOT start a new thread! Simply find your old one and reply back with the word "bump." This will bring your question back to the top of the list.
  • DONATE! If you like our site, we could sure use your support! Help us to help you by making a donation. Visit & drop a message for more information.
  • FAQS: If you have some other question about using our site, visit our Feedback section at

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