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utuber3231 15-01-2012 04:11 AM

How can I set up a Boot option for Windows 7?
I had Windows 7 running on my laptop with Windows XP dual booted on another partition. Since XP was never being used I decided to delete that partition altogether, but when I restarted my laptop the boot menu won't come up and it simply reads "no operating system found".
I am now running Linux through the live CD and thankfully none of my files have been deleted. I just need a way to set up a new boot option for Windows 7 through the Linux Live CD without formatting the partition.
I do not own a Windows 7 CD because the laptop did not come with one so I can't reinstall it. Also I am sure the OS is still installed even though it say's "no operating system found".

maxmanrules 15-01-2012 09:19 AM

Re: How can I set up a Boot option for Windows 7?
I'm not entirely sure about this, partitions not being my forte, but try going into the BIOS and checking around for the boot system order. It may be configured and is pointing at the wrong part of your hard drive.

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